Annual Meeting Item: Update to the Constitution

Last fall the Church Board approved the creation of an ad-hoc committee to review the membership wording in the constitution. The purpose in reviewing the Membership Article was in large part due to our ability to connect with people in ways outside in-person worship and fellowship. We now are and have been streaming our Sunday Service and have a bible study group via Zoom. This capability allows people outside the local community to take part in our offerings and the opportunity to be more than viewers, if desired.

The ad-hoc committee consisted of Al Azinger, Carissa Haning, Pastor Brian Hastings, Melissa Larson, and Al Strauch. Upon review by the committee the following Articles which contained references to membership were amended:

  • Article V; Membership
  • Article VI; Officers
  • Article XII; Amendments.

While reviewing Article V the committee felt additional changes to the Article would be beneficial for clarity and understanding and made updates.

The changes were completed by the ad-hoc committee and presented to the Church Board. The Board agreed with the changes and recommended that they be presented to the congregation.

During the Board review they suggested additional updates to the wording in the following Articles:

  • Article VI; Officers; Section 3; Sub Section B
    • Include oversight of the Board adopted policy on records retention by the Vice-Moderator
  • Correct a typo in the word Manual in Manual on Committees
  • Article X; Meetings; Section 2; Sub Section B
    • Add the word Business in the Sub Section heading
    • Change November to December for the listing of dates for the quarterly meetings

These additional changes were accepted by the Board and recommended for presentation to the congregation along with the aforementioned changes.

The proposed changes will be presented and discussed at the Annual Meeting on May 7, 2023. The meeting will take place immediately following the Worship Service on the 7th and will be listed on the meeting Agenda.

If you have questions prior to the Annual Meeting please contact a Board Member or me, Al Strauch. At the meeting there will be time for questions and answers to discuss the proposed changes prior to them being put to a vote.

The Board looks forward to your attendance and participation in this important matter.

Al Strauch

Link to the Current Constitution

Link to Proposed Amendments