Board and Committee Structure Listening Sessions Update

Two listening sessions were held in September with 9 attendees. The two groups appreciated the work done by the committee. At the meeting a revised chart was provided on how the officers, committees, and teams are connected and communicate. The chart was well received and had favorable feedback.

A question was raised about the number of Board members. It was confirmed that the Board would change from 13 to 9 members. Clarification was made that the Outreach chair would be filled by one of the three leaders from Connecting the Community (Growth), Feeding the Soul (Family Care), Sharing the Blessings (Missions). ABWM will now be represented by the Outreach Chair on the Board.  Another question sought clarity on which roles are elected.  All Officers and Ministry Team chairpersons are elected by the congregation after being presented by the Nominating Team. The members of service teams are invited by the board and have an elected officer representing them to the board.

The participants had no objections with the proposed structure and organizational changes. The conversations also covered topics on leadership development, church membership, scheduled review times for the Manual on Committee and Constitution, and the importance of maintaining our American Baptist identity. In regard to our American Baptist values, the Committee and Board are fully committed to those beliefs and changes have never been part of any our discussions. The other items listed have been reported to the Board for future consideration.

Two action items were taken back to the ad hoc committee, a suggested name change for The Flock Ministry Team and adding labels for officers to the chart. The committee agreed with those changes and has made them. The Flock is now Connecting the Community and the word Officer has been added to Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, and Clerk boxes on the chart.

The revisions have been reviewed and approved by the committee and Church Board. The proposal will be presented at the December Quarterly Business meeting for congregational review and affirmation.