Board Planning for 2023-2024

Each year in the summer, the Board has a daylong planning session to set goals for the year.  In June of 2023, the Board identified areas of need that they will focus on this year.  Those areas of need are listed below.

      • Work with childcare leaders, Board members and others to identify child care needs of various ministries
      • Develop a plan to support the physical needs of the building and grounds.
      • Identify the needs and enhancements of our digital and physical presence in order to improve communication of events to the community. This will include, but is not limited to, several revisions of the website.
      • Find ways to provide materials for leadership training and meeting management.
      • Continue to partner with others outside the church. We have done this with the Big Give and Debt Jubilee Project, but will continue to look for ways to partner with others inside and outside the church.
      • Celebrate successes and major life events!
      • Support the congregation and the wider community to be a participant in fulfilling the great commission. This work is already being done by showing care and compassion to others, looking for mission partners, integrating people into life at FBC, and educating the congregation about ongoing ministries.
      • Remember our ABC background and make sure that our ABC identity is reflected in what we do. This is an ongoing goal for all committees.

These goals will be achieved differently by each committee, and some are ongoing and will not be completed within the year.  The Board wants you to know that we spend time planning so that we can all work together to help those around us to continue with their walk with Christ.  Although we know that there are many ways to focus our energy, the Board feels that these goals are where we should be placing our energy this year.

If you would like to work with others on some of these goals, please talk to Pastor Brian, Mary Jo Douglass, Al Strauch, or any member of the Board to find just the right match for your talents.