Community Blood Donations

FBC Friends and family
you may have heard that there is a great need for blood donation right now. It’s real, and it is affecting people here in the McLean County area. We are hearing from healthcare partners in the community of delayed procedures, extremely limited supplies — and an urgent need for donors.

While we don’t have a blood drive scheduled in the near future, please consider donating by finding a time and date through one of the two key agencies below:

(Brian here: On a personal note – this past month, Gabrielle and I almost lost a good friend to a severe bleeding ulcer. Blood donations saved his life. I believe God pulled him through, but other people who took a bit of time out of their day to give blood were an essential part of that. I’ll be signing up to donate.)

MOBILE DRIVE SCHEDULE Click on facility name for address 

Name                                                         Date & Time