Constitutional Changes– Missing Paragraph

Greetings from your Vice Moderator and Facilitator of the ad hoc committee on constitutional changes. First, I would like to thank those who attended the Annual meeting. We had a very informative meeting and accomplished some very good work. More importantly we had a wonderful overview of some of the
significant successes we as a Church have achieved in the past year. Secondly, I need to call your
attention to an omission during the Congregational Meeting on May 7 in regard to one section of the constitution.  In Article VI – Officers, Section 3, Subsection D – Treasurer, this paragraph from the original constitution was intended to carry over as-is, but was accidentally omitted during the reading of the changes in the meeting.

All disbursements shall be within the budget appropriation and no disbursement not in conformity with the budget appropriation shall be made unless approved by the stewardship committee and the Church Board. All checks shall be signed on behalf of the church by the treasurer or the assistant treasurer. The church treasurer and
assistant church treasurer will be bonded as required by the Church Board.

It was also omitted in the mailing you received as well as the online documents on the Church’s website. The omission was purely unintentional and accidental. I discovered it was missing when preparing to send to the changes to the office following the Annual Meeting. Neither the Committee nor the Board made any changes to this paragraph and therefore it should be part of the approved constitution as it was not changed/amended.

I brought this to the attention of the Board at the monthly meeting following the
Annual Meeting. We (the Board) wanted to make you aware of this oversight and let you know that it would be included in the approved constitution. Please contact me or anyone on the Church Board if you would like to discuss this further.

Respectfully, Al Strauch