Covid-19 – Mask Mandate Update

As of February 28, the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health have changed their guidelines for wearing masks indoors.  The church board agreed to continue its policy of consistently following the CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines for COVID as best practices for the church.  This means masks are encouraged, but no longer required in the building.Because some may feel uncomfortable not masking in a group setting, Barker Hall will be reserved for people who wish to be in a mask only setting during worship.
After discussing masking with the LOGOS CARE team and parents of Little Logos, it has been decided to go to a masks optional situation for LOGOS. This is supported by the Church Board.We understand that these changes will be welcomed by some and others may experience some level of discomfort with this change.  Please know that if you decide to wear a face covering in the church for yourself or your loved ones, you should do so without hesitation, and be supported in that decision.  The Church Board appreciates the love and understanding the congregation has shown to each individual with respect to masking and distancing. Please continue to be respectful of the decisions of others with regard to masking. We are all children of God. If you have questions or feedback about this issue, please feel free to discuss them with a Board member or Pastor Brian.