Debt Jubilee Results

In August 2023 you learned about Medical Bill & Claim Resolution (MBCR) to help erase medical debt for Illinois residents. You were invited to join in the RIP Medical Debt Jubilee to be celebrated the weekend of August 26-27. The goal was to raise $12,000 throughout the Bloomington/Normal community to release 1.2 million in debt.
This debt Jubilee was started because of a conversation between an individual and Pastor Brian about an organization the individual had read about. Pastor Brian investigated the program and shared this information with FBC church leadership and to other local faith communities.

Eight congregations joined in the campaign to help erase medical debt for Illinois residents.
Thanks to generous donations by the following houses of faith, Centennial Christian Church, Christ the King Episcopal Church, First Baptist Church Bloomington, First Christian Church, Mennonite Church of Normal, Moses Montefiore Temple, New Covenant Community Church, and Our Savior Lutheran Church, along with individual donations and marketing materials created and donated by FBC member Melissa Donavan owner of CPG Printing, the reputation of FBC and B/N community caring for others continues.

FBC raised a total of $8,045 between Board authorized use of Fellowship Fund monies, designated offerings, and on-line donations.
Between all the houses of faith and individual donations, Bloomington/Normal raised enough to release a total of $3,571,154.27 of medical debt for 4,450 individuals living in 72 of the 104 counties in Illinois. 730 of those individuals live in central Illinois counties of Champaign, DeWitt, Livingston, Logan, McLean, Piatt, Tazewell, and Woodford.  This is almost TRIPLE the goal of the debt jubilee.
Thank you FBC – for always being a cheerful and generous giver!
Becky Strack
Missions Committee