Holiday Care & Share

A way for the FBC Community to share in place of Frosty’s Gift Shoppe this year:

The why: Holiday Care and Share is being organized to address the needs of those Sugar Creek Elementary families within the “gap” of not qualifying for assistance with other agencies.  These families on the fringe might be barely making ends meet normally, but with holidays they might find themselves stretched to provide gifts or additional meals for the children who are home for Winter Break.

The Who: With Sugar Creek’s assistance, several of these families have been identified and these families have been asked to refer an additional family or person in need.  As a church family we can help ease the gap between just “making ends meet” and having a holiday celebration.

The How: Since the Frosty’s Gift Shoppe program isn’t feasible for COVID protocols, this Holiday Care and Share is designed to be for the adults of the family to make an appointment on Friday December for selecting items to assist in their holiday needs.

Based on a needs list that the family fills out ahead of time with the school representative, we’ll have the items ready for the pick-up but, additionally, there will be “stations” for the adults to visit to gather items that may ease cost of food and supplies for the holiday break, such as:

  • Food basics to cover meals for kids home for winter break.
  • Small stocking stuffer sized items for all ages
  • Personal care and laundry supplies
  • Selection of wrapping paper rolls (take two), tape, bows and boxes for gifts
  • Selection of holiday cards and postage

Where we come in:

We need volunteer help and donations of needed supplies:

Food Items:

    • Mac and cheese (boxes and individual bowls)
    • Hamburger Helper
    • Box Instant Rice
    • Noodle mixes (side dishes)
    • Canned chicken
    • Cereals (kid friendly and adult)
    • Fruit bars
    • Breakfast bars
    • Canned fruit
    • Canned Vegetables
    • Soups (not just creamed soups, kid friendly too, like chicken and stars.)
    • Soup starter envelopes/packages

Laundry Items:

    • Small bottles of liquid laundry soap
    • Fabric softener sheets (these will be separated into small sandwich bags to match the amount of loads for each laundry soap bottle.)

Personal Care: 

    • Deodorant
    • Body Soap
    • Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Toothpaste (Adults and Kids)
    • Toothbrushes (adults and kids)
    • Chap stick/Lip balm

Wrap / Cards

    • Dollar Store Rolls of wrapping paper. (12 to 16 rolls)
    • Tape for wrapping gifts
    • Bag of misc. bows
    • Various sizes gift boxes.
    • Christmas/Holiday Cards (religious and nondenominational)
    • Sheet of Postage Stamps.

Stocking Stuffer sized fun items:

    • Card games
    • Christmas Candy/Gum
    • Lip gloss
    • chap stick/lip balm
    • Small toys/trinkets
    • Fun/funny socks
    • Small size hand lotion.
    • Fun Masks (Covid).

The Mission Committee will be supplementing the shopping of the items on lists, including a $25.00 Meijer gift card for the adults to use for unknown needs.  We’ll be collecting donations of items for the additional stations.

Contact Terri Shirley (309)-310-3621 or Pastor Brian (920) 924-6857  to help or for additional information