March 10th LOGOS Family Night

  On March 10th, LOGOS will be having a Family Time Night from 5-6pm where we will recreate a normal LOGOS Family Time Session! All of LOGOS is welcome to join on Zoom, whether youth or leader and whether you have been involved this year or not! LOGOS will still have the Junior and Senior High joining us in person from 5-6pm, but everyone else can join in on Zoom! Instead of serving dinner, we will be serving dessert only. For those joining on Zoom, please RSVP by March 7th and you will have ingredients delivered for Dirt n’ Worms. (LOGOS Faith Activity Kits Recipients will already have ingredients delivered in Kits) You do not have to have to have a dessert to join. Some of you may have given up dessert for Lent!  You can RSVP by Sunday March 7th  by emailing Michelle or texting 618-303-3630.