Meet Molly, 2022 Hope Packs Superstar.

Molly is one of those special kids that leaves an indelible imprint on your heart. Born premature, Molly has faced severe setbacks throughout her childhood. But you wouldn’t know it. When we ask her about Hope Packs, she sits up tall and says: “I love them. I have so many things to choose from at home. The raisins are my favorite!” Molly goes through her Hope Pack while we are talking and starts pulling out food. She turns to us and says with the seriousness of someone three times her age; “I mean inflation, COVID-19, war, the world is crazy! We need these Hope Packs at home because…what are we gonna do?!” And as adorable as it is, Molly is right. Click on the video to learn why!


Right now in the United States 1 in 7 children are facing food insecurity. $50 sponsors a student just like Molly who is living in your community and needs to know that someone cares. To support MFB’s Hope Packs program visit