Next Steps 2023


“Come, Follow Me.”

It is an invitation Jesus extends to each of us, and a calling we’re meant to live into each day.

At the same time, there are moments in our lives, in our journey of faith, where the Spirit of God is particularly nudging us to take another step; to consciously move deeper in some aspect of our lives with God.  The prompt might be a question which keeps bugging us; a sense that something needs to change in our lives, or the feeling that there is something more that God wants for us, or for us to be a part of. 

Maybe it is a sense that our lives have been aligning with God’s and it’s time to make a commitment to trust the God revealed in Jesus.

Maybe it is a sense of wanting a renewal in faith, of coming back to a journey that once felt stronger and more vibrant. 

Maybe it is a nudge or calling to find a way to use the gifts, passion for the world or even discontent with the way things are to follow Jesus into making a difference in the world. 

Maybe it is a question you feel led to pursue; of deconstructing parts of faith that don’t hold up in the light of Jesus, or how to rebuild a living and growing faith in God.

Whatever those next steps are for you, we are here to encourage and help each other grow in faith and to grow closer to Christ and one another in the process. 

Ways to take a next step:

  • Pray about that next step. Whether it is a prayer of trust and surrender to God, a declaration of trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior, or a prayer for guidance; pray on it. 
  • Let someone know: any leader or believer in the church will be honored to pray with you in that decision. Come up at the end of worship or in response to an invitation, or contact Pastor Brian through the week. 
  • Explore Baptism: If you’re sensing now is the time to make a faith decision to trust in and follow the God who is revealed in Jesus, and/or to make that decision public; contact Pastor Brian and a baptism class will be set up.
  • Explore a calling: If you sense a call to get involved, whether at the church or in the community or just figuring out what that might look like, Pastor Brian, our staff, and our board would love to explore that with you.