Participating Online

One of the ways we plan to stay connected is through a video conferencing platform called ‘Zoom’.

This video-conferencing platform allows us all to gather together online, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  You can choose to share video from your device’s camera so that others can see you, or you can simply communicate by your device’s microphone and/or typing, using the ‘chat’ feature.

To join Zoom meetings from FBC, you will just need to click on an invitation link that we will share ahead of time through our eLink email, website and Facebook Page.

How to use Zoom:

How to join Zoom by mobile phone or tablet

Quick video on joining by computer

In-depth video on joining Zoom meetings

Note: if you use a desktop or laptop computer, you will need a camera and microphone to participate.  Many laptops have a camera and microphone built in.

Landline Phone users: the ‘dial in’ feature described in the third video may not be available due to the high level of use Zoom is currently experiencing.

If you are using your phone or tablet, it will probably ask you to download the Zoom app, following the instructions along the way.

If you want to use Zoom on your phone or tablet, you might want to consider downloading the app ahead of time.  You can look for Zoom in Google Play or Apple’s iTunes app store, or follow the links here:

For Android devices

For Apple devices