Serving Behind the Scenes 


This past Sunday, we celebrated the ministry that Evan Greenfield shared with FBC as our Media Intern over the past two years before heading off to Ball State University in Indiana.  While we lifted up how important Evan has been to our ability to pivot online during Covid, it may not be as widely known just what that involved, or the other things Evan was a part of during this time.   

During lockdown in 2020, and in a matter of days, Evan set up the livestream and coordinated the video from all our worship participants to be able to share our worship service online to YouTube.  For months, that meant Saturday evenings devoted to rehearsing and testing the process before going live on Sunday.  Evan also recorded and created videos for use in worship and on our church’s YouTube channel, from special musical elements to celebrating teachers, to the LOGOS puppet shows.  He created “commercials” for events like the 2021 Trunk or Treat, and edited daily videos for online devotional series that ran through Lent and Advent.  He created graphics for our videos, he helped run wires and cables for the equipment.  He looked through the archives of our videos for the creation of special services like the 2020 Christmas Eve musical.  He trained Logan  on the use of the video camera for worship and recording ministry videos, as well as helping train others on the new soundboard.  Evan also lent his talent on the drums (when able) to worship services on Sunday and on Wednesday evenings.   

Evan was there for setup and running the livestream every Sunday for two years, aside from less than a handful of times where the family was out of town.  Once, even while out of town on vacation, Evan remotely coordinated the livestream from Wisconsin.   

It’s an amazing record.  And I’m profoundly grateful to Evan for his faithful ministry at FBC over the past years, using his gifts behind the scenes to make possible the ministry we share.   

At the same time, I want to point out that Evan is not alone – there are lots of people who work behind the scenes every Sunday, every week, to carry out the work of the church; from supporting worship to reaching out to one another in care, to fixing the coffee on Sunday morning (something which I think qualifies as a corporal act of mercy)…   

So with gratitude to Evan for his ministry, and wanting the scope of what he’s done behind the scenes to be more widely known; I also want to invite us to look around, notice and encourage the many, many others beside him who work behind the scenes to serve God in a multitude of ways.   

-Pastor Brian