Sharing the Blessings – Stewardship 2023

Blessings can be shared in so many ways.  In 2013, during a visit to a conference on ministry in the Middle East and Northern Africa, we took a break to travel and visit northern Lebanon and see the Cedar preserve there.  Along the way, we made a stop at the home of a friend to our driver and guide for the day.  Imagine getting a call from a friend that she and a vanload of strangers would be pulling up to your house in minutes!  In the US, that might be occasion for mild panic.  But we were welcomed with open arms, cold water and a bowl of cherries freshly picked from the tree in their yard.  Hospitality runs deep – and becomes just one way that blessings are shared out of the love of God for friend and stranger….

One of the yearly responsibilities of every committee of the church is to plan for the ministry we feel called to together, and to work out what we believe it will take to carry out those ministries in terms of time, gifts and resources.

Beginning on October 15, the Stewardship Team will be sharing about an invitation for the members and friends of First Baptist church to help support that planning process with commitments of time, gifts and resources for the coming year.

At that time, Commitment cards will be available from the entry table, and mailed out to those who have let us know they are active financial supporters of the ministry.  These are an opportunity to let us know needs that you see in the wider community, in the church, and your commitment to responding to those needs through both financial support and personal involvement.

The financial commitments will only be known to our Financial Secretary, Debbie Stumm, and other questions, insights, and desires for connection and service will be communicated to the pastor and other leaders who will follow up with you.

Please prayerfully consider how God is drawing both the needs of our world to your heart, and how you can be part of God’s answer.