Vespers Presentation June 29, 2022

You are invited to meet Sue Hegarty, Global Servant for International Ministries in Costa Rico, on June 29th.  Sue will share a brief message during Vespers, followed by a light supper and presentation hosted by the Missions Committee and ABWM who have supported Sue and her work for several years.  Be sure to put your name on the sign- up list in the Narthex, or contact the office to reserve your Costa Rician supper!

Sue’s ministry in Costa Rica is two-pronged. She works with the Baptist Federation to strengthen the ministries of churches and their pastors by teaching classes, Bible studies and workshops. Sue is a liaison with American Baptist mission teams that visit Costa Rica to develop fraternal relationships and assist with ministry projects. She also works with Nicaraguan immigrant women, many of whom are dealing with situations of domestic violence, at the same time they are starting over again in a new country. Sue provides assistance with issues such as legalizing their status, housing, skill-training and education as well as providing emotional and spiritual support for these women and their children.