Joining God at FBC

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Joining God at FBC

Six Sundays a year, we offer a lunch after our worship service to discuss questions about theology and to talk about what our American Baptist church is all about.

Asking Questions

At First Baptist Church, we want you to know that having questions is okay! They are even welcome. Our hope is that our church would be a safe place to explore your questions and struggles with faith. We believe that asking and addressing these questions in the context of community is healthy.

Learning About the American Baptist Church

Knowing the history of how the American Baptist Church came to be can give important context as to why we believe the things we do. How are we different or similar to other churches and belief systems? How did we arrive at these ideas and how do they match up with what the Bible says? Knowing these answers about our beliefs can help you better assess whether you are interested in becoming a member at our Baptist church. Or, if you are already a member, these lunches can help deepen and enrich your understanding of our theology and church history.

Finding Your Fit

If you are new to our Baptist church, you might be wondering where or how you can fit in to our community. These lunches offer a perfect opportunity to find out. We want to help you get involved in things that match your interests. When we have the chance to sit down over lunch together, we will be able to connect you to the activities and people that match your passions.

We Look Forward to Eating With You!

Come have lunch with us! If you would like to know when the next lunch is, Contact Us Online or call us at 309-662-4253. We would love to help you connect with our Baptist church in a meaningful way!