next steps

Whether you are looking for information on how to walk in relationship with God or how best to get involved, Next Steps is the right place.

In the life of faith, it seems we are always seeking next steps. We hope to clarify and consider with you three important next steps.

Next Steps in Community

Regardless of your interests (e.g., hands-on local ministry, music, small groups, mentoring others), we trust that God has a place for you to serve and to become connected at FBC.

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Next Steps in Faith

We believe that there is nothing more important than being in relationship with God, living a life of faith. But first, you must be saved.

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Next Steps – Covenant Member

When you enter a covenant with someone, you are making a solemn pledge or promise before God. If you are interested in becoming a covenant member of our church, we’ll ask you to be intentional about being involved with our church: to pledge to be a true part of the community. This is not a pledge of attendance; it’s a pledge of relationship and generosity.

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