LOGOS Ministry

Acts 2:42

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

The LOGOS Ministry at FBC is a weekly intergenerational experience for young people that creates an arena where all ages, together, can learn about, experience, and practice the art of Christian relationships, which, we believe, is critical for developing life-long disciples.

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We began LOGOS in 1995, and it is as vibrant as ever. Our long-standing mid-week program for children age 3 through senior high is as much fun for them as it is for the adult participants!

We value LOGOS as a tool to help our young people grow into a vital relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the church. The One Rule of LOGOS, “Everyone is to treat everyone else as a Child of God. No one has the right to treat anyone else as if they do not matter” can be witnessed in the relationships fostered by this program and permeates our daily lives.

Weekly sessions are held on Wednesday evenings, from 4:15-7:30pm, September through April. Students may be enrolled in the LOGOS anytime during the LOGOS year.

Families accept the responsibility of covering the costs of the LOGOS Program for their own children. Tuition fees cover most of the cost of the major program expenses. Tuition for the 2019-2020 year is $160. The fee schedule for families with multiple children is laid out below:

First Child $160
Second Child $150
Third Child $140
Total Max. Family Fee $450

For more information about LOGOS, please call 309-662-4253 or email The Church Office.

“Pajama Night Closing Activity”

A Four-Part Weekly Ministry

There are four parts to the LOGOS Weekly Ministry Model:

1. Bible Study – Bible Study nurtures youth and children into intelligent, obedient, and biblically-informed disciples. In grade-level groups, each LOGOS class uses a curriculum that is designed to meet their unique needs and learning capabilities.

2. Worship Skills – Worship is essential and central to the Christian community. On Wednesdays during Worship Skills, young people learn about worship and prepare to lead in the Sunday morning service of worship. On almost any given Sunday, in fact, you are likely to see our children and youth singing, bell or chime ringing, reading Scripture, acting, or serving as an acolyte.

3. Recreation Play – Recreation Play allows everyone to experience great fun at the expense of no one else. Our children and youth participate in games and active play, do crafts, or experience the hobby or special interest of a member of the congregation. When we reveal ourselves in play, we strengthen friendships, and when conflicts occur, we practice our Child of God theology.

4. Family Time – Family Time provides a joyous, intergenerational celebration over a shared meal as our young people experience being part of the family of God. The children and youth are assigned to tables along with one or two adults who act as “table parents.” The group around the table becomes a family as they share meals together throughout the year. Food is served family style. Conversation is purposeful. Life is celebrated!

The commitment of adult LOGOS leaders makes the LOGOS Ministry happen. Please contact Interim Director Michelle Wiggins to discuss service and leadership opportunities. Leaders are called according to their interests and gifts by the LOGOS leadership team.


We are proud to announce our partnership with GenOn Ministries, who creates an intentional arena where children, youth and adults, together, can learn about, experience and practice the art of Christian relationships.

To support our Fellowship Fund for those with special needs, please consider online giving.