Bloomington Normal church

bloomington normal church

Coffee and Conversation

Before the worship service starts, come on over to Barker Hall for a cup of coffee! Every Sunday morning around 10:30, First Baptist Church puts out a wonderful spread—coffee for adults and snacks for kids—to encourage people to mingle. We want everyone to feel welcome, and we know food and conversation go hand in hand!

Connecting with Members

If you’re new to our Bloomington Normal church, this is the perfect time for members and visitors to get to know each other. What better way to meet people than over a soothing cup of coffee? We would love to have the opportunity to find out who you are, what you do, and to extend a warm welcome. Learning about your interests can help us get you in touch with the people or activities that would appeal to you most.

Talking with the Pastor

Got a question about faith, theology, or about our Bloomington Normal church? Pastor Adam is available during “Coffee and Conversation” and would love to meet you. He would be glad to answer any questions you might have. And he’s a great person for introduce you to others. Don’t hesitate to drop in to say hello!

A Good First Step

Having coffee is a good first step for getting connected to our Bloomington Normal church, but we don’t want things to stop there. If you are interested in going deeper, consider coming to our guest class, Joining God at FBC, where we talk about the beliefs of the American Baptist Church (among other topics) over lunch. Or, sign up for our church newsletter to see what events are coming up that might interest you.

Come by for Coffee!

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us Online or call us at 309-662-4253. We would love to help you connect with our Bloomington Normal church in a meaningful way!