Faith Stories


God has been my support even before I even realized He was there. I was too young to see His presence in my life and too selfish, but as I have grown and matured, I see Him in my everyday life. I see Him both in joyful times and in difficult times.

I felt His strength and support when my younger sister was very ill in Hospice. He carried me and helped me through that very difficult time. He reassured me that Keshya is His child and that she is okay. I saw and felt Him hold a fragile family together in a very challenging time.

I thank God everyday when I hear my children say and do kind things and use the gifts that He has given them. As my children grow older, I feel uncertain about the future for them and for myself. What will I do? How will I handle them being away? Will they make good decisions? But then I remember and thank God for His support and guidance and for blessing them with their gifts. I know they will be fine, and I will be fine because He is in my life.