Welcome, Allison Benton!

Welcome Allison Benton! The Christian Education and Growth Committees are pleased to share that Allison Benton will be a short-term intern for FBC this spring. Allison is no stranger to FBC, growing up in our midst and is the daughter of Joyce Benton and Mike Benton.

While she is with us, Allison will be using her gifts in the following ways: helping leaders and members to stay connected using various social platforms during this shelter in place order as well as going forward; will be delivering devotions every Friday evening at 7 pm on our Zoom link; offering Bible lessons geared toward children K-5th grade on the FBC You Tube channel; and helping everyone get aboard the Rocky Road Railway vacation Bible school to be held in one day later this summer.

Thank you Allison for sharing your gifts with FBC – we look forward to working with you as we continue the mission of FBC in the community.