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     July 28- Aug 4

Scripture this week: Acts 16:11-15

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Upcoming at FBC: 

Remember — To make sure your event is added to the eLink calendar, please make sure dates and times are sent to the office no later than Wednesday of each week

SUNDAY, July 28
Coffee & Convo @ 9:30 & 11 am
Worship Service @ 10:00 am
FBC Small Groups @ 11:15 am
Welcome Luncheon @ 11:15 am
Safe Harbor @ 5:00 pm
Through the Bible Check In @ 6:00 pm Acts 16:11-15  (Zoom)

MONDAY, July 29
Ukulele Jam @ 5:15 pm

Vespers @ 5:45 pm

THURSDAY, August 1
Vespers planning Meeting @ 4:45 pm
Worship staff Meeting @ 5:45 pm

SATURDAY, August 3
Pastor Brian’s B Day Celebration @ 2:00 pm

SUNDAY, August 4
Coffee & Convo @ 9:30 & 11 am
Worship Service @ 10:00 am
Quarterly Business Meeting @11:15 am
Bible Study @ 6:00 pm (Zoom)

Ministry & Events: 

Newcomers Luncheon Sunday July 28 after Worship Service
We will be having our quarterly newcomer luncheon on Sunday July 28th after worship.  This meeting gives newer attendees a chance to meet people, ask questions about First Baptist Church and learn about the American Baptist denomination in general. If you plan to come let Joyce Benton know at (309) 824-3168.

Quarterly Business Meeting Sun. Aug 4 after worship
It is that time again for a quarterly business meeting. Please plan on staying after Worship for that meeting on Sunday Aug. 4th. The meeting will start at 11:15 and your participation is fundamental to a healthy Church. There will be a suggestion/question box in the Narthex if those who prefer to submit questions or ideas in that manner. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you! The Church Leadership.

Pastor Brians’ Birthday Celebration Sat Aug 3 starting at 2 pm
You are invited to join Pastor Brian in Barker Hall for his birthday celebration.
Snacks and refreshments 2-6 pm pizza and games from 6-8 pm. No gifts please your presence is enough! Please plan on stopping by to help celebrate!

Vacation Bible School! August 9th-10th
***Fri. Aug 9 -4:30pm-7pm ***Sat. Aug 10- 9:30am – 3pm
Join us for Camp Firelight where we will have tents, fun crafts, campfire songs, delicious meals and snacks and more! This will be a summer camp adventure with God! This year’s focal verse comes from Psalm 56:3 Whenever I’m afraid, I put my trust in You. To Register and more information click HERE!

Read Through the Bible
On the last Sunday of each month, we will have a 6 pm (Zoom) check-in to discuss the readings, your observations and questions. Don’t forget to send in your questions to





Supporting the Ministry Together: 


In the Community 

      • Help support Faith in Action with their 6th annual Mum Sale  Order Deadline Aug 29

             9”  Mums….. $14 Orange, yellow, purple, white, or Red
            12” Mums….. $37 New this year! yellow/ orange
            13” Mums….. $39 Tricolor mixes of pink, yellow, white, gold or orange
        Order at BNFIA.ORG/MUMS or 309-827-7780 (Pre orders only)
        Pick up will be at St. John’s Lutheran Church (1617 E Emerson Blm IL 61701) on September 12 10 am – 3 pm

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Prairie Restoration Project

We are excited to share that First Baptist Church is converting the large field on the east of our property to 5.4 acres of native prairie / wildflower pollinator habitat, with a grass border surrounding the field.

Why we’re creating a Pollinator Habitat:

  • To provide an ecological benefit for wildlife and pollinators.
  • To discourage larger groupings of geese.
  • When fully established, it will enhance the beauty of the field through wildflowers and native grasses.
  • By reducing maintenance expenses on an empty lot, we increase our ability to respond to needs in the church and community.

Timeline / What to expect:

To re-establish native grasses and flowers, the ground was prepared in 2023 and spring 2004 by removing the existing grasses and weeds.

The field was seeded with a special mix of native seeds beneficial to pollinators, and when needed, the field will initially be mowed with a high mower to eliminate remaining weeds while the desirable plants are being established.

During the first year, the field will look rough, as native wildflowers can take a year to germinate and become established.     

After the grasses and flowers are fully established, every three years, a controlled burn or mowing will be needed to prevent the encroachment of non-native

grasses and plants, as the city does with prairie restoration areas at Tipton Park.  FBC will be in communication with the city and our neighbors about the timing and process.

A large thanks to our community partners: 

Pheasants Forever: for significant time, instruction, material and financial support.

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation: for grant support and encouragement

McLean County Soil and Water Conservation District: for essential information and support with the planning and process of establishing this project.

Martin Tractor Inc: for providing the tractor and support for the seeding of the field.

Phase One: preparing the field for planting